What is a Supermoon? Why are Supermoons popular?

Over the past few years, supermoons have become celebrities. Photos of these social platform darlings are coveted by everyone with a smartphone and posted again and again and again. Below I explore why people love to #supermoon.

It would be simplistic to equate our cultural supermoon lust with simply wanting to post images on Instagram so everyone sees that we’re relevant or, sillier still, a sudden shared interest in STEM.

Platforms like YouTube have allowed more astrologers, and spiritual people, to reach wider audiences than ever before. People who once had no access, or interest, in astrology now can quickly listen to a video while doing the washing up after dinner. There isn’t the stigma there used to be, which allows people to feel secure in being more open.

Astrology shows us that a supermoon shines a big bright light on our emotions and things we may not have been fully aware of. It brings to our attention, the things which no longer serve us and need to be released. Much like a minimalist purge (see my post on minimalism here).

Reading about another culture in a book with a few select photos can be informative but it reinforces a sense of otherness. Watching your favorite travel vlogger visit a country, you’ll never go to in-person, and feeling a part of their experiences, while they are interacting with people, and the environment, reminds us that we are a global community. Spending time considering we’re all on the same planet, under the same blanket of stars, and supermoon, is an essential advancement toward oneness.

There also aren’t a lot of positive news stories/events, particularly one’s about nature. So when something natural occurs that is unique, non-destructive, free, pretty, and we can all access it from the comfort of our individual homes across the globe, it feels good. It’s exciting to share the moment with people we likely wouldn’t have shared a moment with otherwise.

Most of us don’t pay much attention to the moon until a supermoon appears. So it’s a nice reminder to look up and beyond our little lives once in a while. 

As a species, we’ve historically enjoyed the cozy feeling of gazing at the soft glow of candlelight, campfires, and fireplaces. The supermoon’s abundant glow evokes the same romantic, snuggly, and content feelings.

What are your thoughts on supermoons? Do they appeal to you? Do you feel any different when one occurs?


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