What are Broth Bowls? Why are Broth Bowls so popular?

There’s always a new food trend that comes in a bowl. Below I explore why broth bowls are the cozy meal to get you through this cold winter.What are Broth Bowls? Why are Broth Bowls so popular?

Soup ruled the late 90’s, thanks to Seinfeld, and is still a staple favorite bowl meal. Bread bowls gained popularity in the 2000’s. Buddha bowls were everything in the early 2010’s and 2017 was the era of the smoothie bowl and the burrito bowl.

Over the past few years, grain bowls and broth bowls have been fighting for your attention, but broth bowls have the advantage. Grain bowls tend to freak out those who fear carbs. Broth has spent years gaining popularity due to the spread of fad diets like Paleo and Keto.

Meal planning and whole food eating is never more popular than at the beginning of a new year. They draw an eye from minimalists, vegans, dieters, busy parents, the hyper-organized, or those wishing to be, and many other sub-groups. (I fall into most of them.) Since Asian food is often healthier than the western diet, I’m including this cuisine as a strong influencer — particularly ramen.

There is also the great ease of it all. Making a pot of soup is a very cozy activity. For the past two weeks I’ve been randomly declaring to my husband that all I want to do is make soup. A pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove is the idyllic-stuff cozy is made of. Storybooks and fairytales and period films always seem to work in a scene with a big mysterious pot of something heavenly-scented, simmering away in a large pot over an open fire, in a whimsically quaint kitchen.

A broth bowl is a perfect sub for homemade soup as it takes minutes to assemble, can be modified quickly to your taste, is available at an abundance of restaurants, and you can precisely control the nutrition.

I enjoy a simple broth bowl of fresh spinach leaves, yellow bell pepper chunks, seitan, and chopped split asparagus spears. The heat of the broth ladled onto the veggies fully heats the ingredients and half-cooks the pepper and asparagus so they don’t become mush, as they would in a soup. A twirl of noodles is a yummy addition.

Restaurants have been popping up that serve only bowls, like CoreLife Eatery which has a Chipotle-vibe. (this is not a sponsored post) With store-bought broth, you can easily, and cheaply, meal prep broth bowls for yourself, or throw it together before you head out to work in the morning.

So have you tried broth bowls? What do you think the next bowl food trend will be?

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