I’m an Intuitive, chronicling my spiritual awakening as it happens.

As far back as I can remember, my life has been a little different. I’m someone who is looking for answers. After a lifetime of being afraid and running from my abilities, I’ve finally turned around stared the Universe in the eye and am accepting my gifts.

I’ve been seeking answers from within and from experts. I’ve been following my intuition. I’ve wished that I could find someone who chronicled their awakening, so I could feel less alone on the journey. But everything I find is spiritual leaders guiding their audience, after their awakening. So I’m coming out of my introvert shell to share my experiences with you. Be sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram, and of course visit my blog.

I’m not special.  Let’s just get that out of the way right now. The experiences you’ll soon be reading about, don’t make me special. In fact I’m scared to be sharing them. You’ve likely experienced many of them yourself.

As far back as I can remember, my life has been a little different.

My hope is that by sharing my inner world, you’ll uncover memories and make connections to your own. I’m also hoping that writing this will help me heal from the trauma I’ve experienced from the scary things I’ve experienced and that I’ll be able to finally figure out why I’ve had to endure this. I’m not making it up and I’m not bragging. I don’t want this. It’s always felt like a curse to me. A parasite that I couldn’t get rid of or escape. But over the past few years, I’ve done some reflecting and have had some experiences that have been blessings, lovely, and have changed my life for the better. So this is how the thought has bubbled up inside of me that maybe it isn’t a curse. Maybe it’s a gift that I perceived like a curse because I’ve been afraid and running from it for so long.

Some of the experiences I’ll be writing about are painful and I don’t like to remember them. Others are otherworldly, some might say magical or impossible, but I assure you that they are all 100% true. Nothing has been exaggerated for views.  I’m actually quite anxious to be revealing all of this. As you’ll read, there have been plenty of times when I shared some of my experiences with people only to be told that I was making it up. This was particularly painful as a child.

Even though I’ve been an adult for some time now, the memory of that pain still haunts me and I always try to be mindful when a child tells me of an imaginary friend or a fear they have. As a child you can’t articulate or process things the way you’re able to as an adult. So please, if you have a child or know a child and they tell you something that scares you or seems impossible, listen with an open heart and help them to navigate it. And if, like me, you were a child who wasn’t believed, listen to yourself with an open heart and I hope that reading about my experiences helps you to process your own.

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