Did you know that you can just make ghosts, or any spirit/energy that scares you, go away? Like flicking a switch. It takes a little effort but you can make it happen. It took me decades of being scared to figure it out. I don’t want that to happen to you. There’s a lot more you can do than just leave a light on and play the TV all night long.

Below are some of the tactics I’ve developed since my haunted childhood. This is over 3 decades of research and experimentation that I’m sharing, in hopes that it will help you. Share with anyone you think could you use it. No one should spend their life scared.


One night, in my current home, I was trying to sleep and felt something by my bed. Not threatening, but there. And my hair was being lightly tugged. This was the first time I’ve experienced this where I was annoyed instead of scared. In the past, when this happened I was scared to turn around. I turn into that scared little girl I used to be in my childhood bedroom pretending to be asleep so they’d stop bothering me. But this time I was feeling bold. I flipped around fast and said in an irritated authoritative voice “You’re gonna knock it off, go away and let me sleep. I’m done!” And like a child that’s been scolded by a frustrated parent, whatever it was stopped. It felt really good to win one for a change. Keep in mind that you need to be firm, speak with authority, mean what you’re saying, and demand it.


My first college dorm room was haunted and I had a few scary experiences there. Radio coming on by itself, I saw the very sad looking full-bodied spirit of a college-aged girl twice (once in my room, once in a hallway), and while trying to sneak into a condemned haunted campus building, which was the location of many 19th century student suicides, my video camera’s battery instantly drained. When I walked away from the building the battery was fully charged. Got close again, and it drained.

In a seperate college incident, while up late one night, I felt the energy of a not-so-nice older male spirit in my dorm room. He grabbed my leg. I grabbed my stuff and knocked on the door of a friend, at 3AM, and slept on her couch.

At the time I was still dabbling in Wicca so I headed to the closest magic shop and purchased numerous protective herbs. Back in my dorm, I stuffed my teddy bear with the herbs and slept with him every night. He became an incognito amulet.

Today, I still have my teddy bear in my adult bedroom but he’s wearing my crystal bracelets. I keep amethyst, rose quartz, lapis, citrine, clear quartz, and aquamarine on him to be a supercharged protective amulet.


Every night as I’m falling asleep, I ask my Angel and the Archangels to keep my family safe. I say outloud, or in my head, “keep my husband, me, and our kitties all safe, healthy, happy, and knowing we are loved.” I say the same thing when we go to work and leave our kitties at home or when my husband runs to the store quickly. It’s a good all around request.

When I’m scared or feel a presence, I not only say that, I also will ask my Angel to stay next to me. Sometimes I’ll ask her to sit on the bed next to me, to hold my hand, to watch over me all night and keep me safe. I also do this when I’m awake if I pick up on something uncomfortable. I’ll also sometimes ask my husband’s Angel to watch over him and my kitties’ Angels to watch over them. Doesn’t hurt to ask a lot.

Angels are light beings and don’t get tired or feel burdened. They are like the kindest, most giving, benevolent parents, who love you more than anything and all they want to do is help you. An Intuitive/Empath/Psychic’s best friend is their Angel.


For a few years, I had the pleasure of living in a stunning 18th century Colonial Post-and-Beam house in the Hudson Valley. It was a beautiful home with wide-plank floor boards, antique windowpanes with bubbles in them, and it was once used as the town courthouse. It was a treasure. It was also haunted. Given the living room likely witnessed people being sentenced to prison and death, along with the emotions that would have accompanied people into that space, it wasn’t a shock.

The first night, I walked through the house with a candle (the power wasn’t on yet) and told the spirits that it was our house and they could have it back after we didn’t live there anymore. I told them that they could have the attic crawlspace as their own and that I promised to never go up there. It worked. They never bothered me until I broke up with the boyfriend I was living with, and took in a roommate. My advice is to be very specific. I should have said for as long as I live here, not we.


Boundaries are something that I’ve struggled with a lot. It wasn’t until fairly recently in my journey that I realized that a filter is the best type of boundary with the spirit world. A barrier boundary (imagine a wall) keeps everything out, including your Angels and Spirit Guides, the very beings that you need, especially as an Empath/Intuitive/Psychic.

I often remind the Universe that “nothing scary is allowed in my home, in the dark, or anytime I’m feeling vulnerable.” I always include a clause that it goes by what I consider “scary”, cause my bar for scary is way lower than most people’s. I then remind the Universe that it’s okay when I’m awake but that I reserve the right to stop all interactions the instant I need to in order to feel safe, and that my Angel is in charge of keeping away any energy that doesn’t have my best interest at heart.

That’s a pretty solid filter boundary, as it let’s the good in but blocks the bad.


You need to avoid things that lower your vibration, as much as you can, and connect with things that raise your vibration. This will make you less vulnerable and an undesirable target. Do not interpret this as victim-shaming. I spent most of my life afraid and have had loads of experiences that terrified me. Until I started accepting my gifts and following my intuition, I didn’t have the tools to protect myself either.

From the time I was 8 years old, I’ve always loved horror movies, which I know makes zero sense to you right now. You’d think I would have avoided them as they sometimes hit too close to home, but they actually felt oddly comforting to me because the scary was safely inside of a screen and was so outlandish that it couldn’t happen in real life. But it did cause nightmares and anxiety. Even now they give me nightmares and anxiety. So I gave them up last year. It was hard and a little sad, but I’ve noticed a significant drop in anxiety and nightmares.

Figure out what in your life is lowering your vibration and replace it with something that raises your vibration. I’ve been vegan for most of my life but I eat a lot of junk food. Since the March Full Moon Ascension, I’ve felt a significant pull toward eating a whole foods uber healthy version of vegan. My fridge is currently filled with fresh greens, veggies, berries, seitan, and loads of avocados. My pantry is bursting with pistachios, tahini, and healthy grains. A bed of fresh spinach piled up with sweet potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and a squeeze of lemon doesn’t excite me the way a plate of onion rings and vegan nuggets does, but I’ve noticed a massive frequency shift.


My next post will explain how to find out your Angel’s name so that you can start building that essential relationship. So be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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