Meditation is often described as difficult, unattainable, and mystical by those who haven’t yet achieved it. People often tell me that they feel like there is a code they are unable to crack or that maybe they’ve meditated, but they aren’t sure if they have.

Meditation is much like orgasming. If you’ve experienced it, there is no question whether you have or not.

So if you haven’t been able to meditate yet and you’re confused by the often vague guidance out there, these tips are for you.


I know it’s an annoying thing to read. Phrases like this can really make you feel worse rather than instructed. So let me explain. If you sit down, and you focus really hard and tell yourself “okay, this is it. I’m so going to meditate.”, you probably won’t. Instead you’ll start thinking about, and possible obsessing about, all the reasons why you think you’re a failure at meditating.

The truth is, you aren’t failing. You’ll meditate when you’re supposed to. Eventually, it will just click. And it will be awesome. And you’ll possibly cry tears of joy. And you’ll definitely have a strong inner knowing of why in that precise moment of your life, you were finally able to meditate. So don’t try to meditate. Allow it to happen. Release the negative self-talk. The meditation police aren’t going to burst through the door and start shaming you.


What? Everything you read tells you to clear your mind, focus on your breath, ignore that itch, and push away your thoughts. Now this Elsie chick is telling you to look at your eyelids. What does that mean?

Well, right now close your eyes. Did you feel that sinking feeling? Like you’re pulling back from yourself? Now close them again, but this time stare as hard as you can straight forward as though your eyes are actually wide open. If you’re having trouble seeing your eyelids, practice this a few times in front of a lamp or facing the sun. The bright light will illuminate your eyelids and you’ll understand what I mean by “look at your eyelids”.

Now that you’ve figured it out, try it when you’re meditating. Just focus on looking at your eye lids. Focus. Focus. Focus. After a few seconds or minutes, or attempts, you’ll likely see some shadowy masses swirling around, or floating by your eyes. They may remind you of clouds or a lava lamp. Cool, huh?

Don’t follow them with your eyes as they move, cause most of the time that takes you out of it and then you lose the meditation. Just enjoy their presence. Take it in and more will appear. Then, they will begin having color to them. All sorts of different colors floating around as your own personal light show. Kind of like when you used to lay on your back and watch the clouds when you were little. They also resemble the Northern Lights.

The colors may start off as murky, but eventually they will become more vibrant. And once you’ve got this color thing down, you’ll likely start getting images, or even see entire places. Maybe a bright white light will appear and open up into a room you’ve never seen, or you’ll suddenly be in a farmer’s market in a country you’ve never traveled to.


I know. Everyone tells you not to lay down. They tell you to sit up straight so you don’t fall asleep. You see images of people seated cross-legged, with perfect posture, while their thumb and forefinger are pressed together. It makes a beautifully serene photo and eventually that pose may work for you, but when you’re starting out it’s really difficult to meditate if you’re also having to focus on keeping your hands just right and sitting up straight. It’s better to lay down.

For right now, just don’t worry about falling asleep. If you do fall asleep, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll probably end up with an incredibly restful sleep and some vivid dreams with spiritual messages for you. That’s a gift in itself. But I get that you don’t want to fall asleep. So instead, you could pile up pillows on your bed, or your couch, or against a wall and lay against them at an angle. So you aren’t fully laying down but you can let your body fully relax without the burden of focusing on it.


Didn’t expect this one, did you? It goes against everything you’ve been told. But it’s true. If you are always waiting for the perfect moment in your day, week, life to meditate, you’ll always be disappointed. Once you’ve figured out how to meditate then you can get into buying accessories, and creating a ritual with a sound bowl or a playlist or $200 meditation chair, if that’s your vibe.

I’m often watching random YouTube shows and I suddenly feel like meditating. So I close my laptop and my eyes, and I meditate sprawled out on my bed. Sometimes I’m cozy in the tub and I feel the urge, so I do it there. I don’t worry about how long it lasts. A few seconds or minutes, is better than none. Also, when you just allow it to happen organically you end up plugging into source more often. I also sometimes get in bed an hour early and lay there meditating for a while before going to sleep.


Another excellent way to learn meditation is by having energy work/healing. Go to Acupuncture or get Reiki.

Acupuncture needles move the Chi energy around your body and while you lay there with your eyes closed, you’ll see the colors I was talking about above. Even people I’ve known that scoff at meditation, admit to seeing the colors while getting Acupuncture for a medical issue.

Just like the Acupuncture needles, a Reiki Practitioner or a Reiki Master literally channels energy through your body for physical and emotional healing purposes. So if needles freak you out, you may want to try Reiki. They don’t physically touch you either. They hold their hands an inch or so from your skin. While you lay there, you’ll likely see the colors or more. The extra cool part about Reiki is that the Reiki Practitioner/Master sees the same thing you do. So it’s a great way to get confirmation on what you’re seeing, which is also such strong evidence of the Universe.


So I hope that helped you on your quest to meditate. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, or message me on Instagram. You can also email me.


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