For the 24 hours leading up to my Energetic Cord Release Healing, anxiety was brewing in me. I almost cancelled because I was so nervous about what to expect. I’ve had Reiki and Acupuncture many times. I’ve had readings with Psychics, Witches, Tarot and Oracle Card Readers, Past-Life Regression Therapy, met with Astrologers, participated in Telepathy Circles, and almost participated in a Sweat Lodge ceremony, and none of those evoked this feeling in me. I couldn’t find any detailed info about an Energetic Cord Release online. Now that I’ve gone through the process, I thought I’d share my experience so you can know what to expect. Keep in mind though that each Energy Healer is going to be a bit different in their approach.

The Energetic Cord Release Healing ceremony started before my arrival. When I arrived the Energy Healer, who was also a Shaman, had been connecting to my spirits, her’s, and others to tune into my energy. She greeted me with a hug and invited me to sit down. She said that she was excited to meet me and that the spirits had filled the room before my arrival and had been shoveling flowers toward the chair I was to sit in. The Shaman said that the spirits were so excited that I was coming and had told her how important this healing was for me.

We talked for a few minutes about why I was there. I’m a survivor of abuse, mostly from childhood, so I was looking to cut the Energetic Cord between myself and my abuser. I’m in my late-30’s and still suffering from how the abuser made me feel about myself. The abuser made me feel worthless, disgusting, like property, dehumanized, and as though any thought, belief, opinion, or idea I had was wrong. As a result, I struggled to trust myself, make healthy decisions, and to be my authentic-self. I always had my guard up and was terrified of allowing myself to be  vulnerable and trust. Self-love, self-esteem, and confidence were foreign to me.

(Quick Sidebar: Child abuse is such a horrible epidemic and, like other forms of abuse, leaves unimaginable scars that effect every part of the survivor’s adult life. If you, or anyone you know, is currently being victimized, or was victimized, please get yourself/them into therapy immediately.)

The Shaman smudged me with a smoldering bundle of white sage and fanned it with a smudge fan.

I laid on a cozy heated massage table in the center of the room while the Shaman prepared to clear the Energetic Cords between my chakras and my abuser’s chakras. There were several diffusers around the room emitting fragrances, incense burning, and a large Himalayan Salt Lamp in the corner next to a massive Jade plant. There was also Native American music playing softly in the background. The pretty room was filled with natural light which was pleasant and relaxing.

The Shaman smudged me with a smoldering bundle of white sage and fanned it with a smudge fan. She spoke to the spirits, announcing my intention, and called the soul of my abuser to join the ceremony. On my own, I asked my Angel, Erin, to hold my hand and be close to me the whole time. The Shaman then mentioned that my Angel was there and I shared her name so the Shaman could address her directly. I also was asked to share the name of my abuser, which was very difficult on an emotional level to say out loud, but I found the courage to do so.

Starting with my Root chakra, the Shaman held a pendulum over the chakra and asked the spirits to help release the Energetic Cord between me and my abuser. Since I’m clairvoyant, and was meditating throughout the process, I was able to tell the Shaman what the Energy I was releasing looked like. For the Root chakra, I saw murky mud. It took sometime to release and the pendulum was spinning so fast that a few times the Shaman had to pull it away because she couldn’t hold on to it.

the Shaman assured me there was no judgement and that I was in a safe space

I got to choose a place where I wanted to send the released energy. I knew the perfect place, a place that I used to envision during therapy sessions when I was processing the abuse I suffered from. I felt silly sharing the location, but the Shaman assured me there was no judgement and that I was in a safe space. I could share anything or nothing. It was all up to me.

Going in order from the Root, at each chakra, after releasing, she would then ask me what I wanted to fill the chakra with instead. For the Root chakra, I saw teal and aqua, white foamy, rhythmic waves. Gentle and consistent. So that’s what I choose to fill my Root chakra with.

The Shaman went through this process with each chakra, which took some time. The Energetic Cord Release Healing ceremony was meant to last about 2 hours, but my abuser’s soul did not want to release me so it took a bit over 2 and 1/2 hours.

While I was releasing from my Solar Plexus, the Shaman saw my Angel, Erin, lay a flower crown on my head. This was such a special moment, not only because of my deep love for Erin. She has always been the parent I should have had. No one has ever cared for me and protected me as fiercely as Erin has. (I’m going to write a post about some of the ways she’s saved me soon – subscribe so you don’t miss it.) It was even more meaningful because at that moment I was seeing a floor filled with long fluffy orange, pink and red Hindu flower garlands. It wasn’t until I googled them, the next day, that I realized that’s what they were.

For my Heart Chakra, I saw a black metal box wielded together next to flames. The Shaman saw me tied up in ropes that were contorting me and cutting into my flesh. The ropes of course were put on me by my abuser. After clearing the energy, I chose to fill my Heart Chakra with self-love, self-esteem, and confidence.

The Shaman shared that Archangel Michael appeared during this portion and was funneling the light into my Third Eye.

At my Throat chakra, my abuser was not letting go. It was taking so long and my throat was stinging and I felt a lump in it. My abuser controlled what I said, thought about myself, and so much of my belief structure. To my abuser, I was a thing to torment. So of course my self-worth was almost non-existent. After some time struggling, the Shaman shared that Erin stepped in and snapped the Energetic Cord, which infuriated my abuser’s soul. My Abuser was losing. I chose to fill my Throat Chakra with my own voice and my authentic identity. My throat immediately stopped hurting and the Shaman shared that all of the spirits in the room were celebrating.

The Third Eye and Crown chakras were also a battle. They became incredibly intense as my abuser was realizing our connection was almost gone. I could actually feel my third eye during this portion of the ceremony. I could feel how wide and solid it is. I’ve felt it before, of course, but not like this. This time it felt like an opening, almost like when you open your mouth as wide as you can, but in my third eye instead. Both the Shaman and I saw it filling with a column of light from above. It filled for a long time and I’m not afraid to say that it felt magical. The Shaman shared that Archangel Michael appeared during this portion and was funneling the light into my Third Eye. I ask the Archangels for help on a daily basis, particularly Michael, so it felt really good that he showed for me.

The Crown chakra was even more intense. My abuser wasn’t letting go, despite the efforts of myself, the Shaman, Erin, the Spirits, and the Palo Santo the Shaman was smudging me with. I suddenly felt freezing in a room that I had felt rather warm in for the past two hours. So freezing that I had to ask the Shaman to crank the heat and put a quilt on me. I was shivering. That’s how cold I was. Uncontrollable shivering. It was so strange. The Shaman put a space heater right next to the table and actually wrapped her arms around me to keep me warm and grounded. It was very kind and loving of her. Normally, I don’t like being touched by anyone other than my husband or best friend, but this was protective and appropriate for the situation. I didn’t get the sense that this was a typical Energetic Cord Release experience.

The Shaman saw a haggard dark wretched being and seemed very unsettled by what she was seeing.

I continued to visualize releasing my abuser’s energy from my Crown chakra, despite the growing migraine-level headache I was feeling, the battle then turned physical. I saw myself pushing my abuser’s body into the place I had chosen to put the energy. I’d shove in a piece and it would pop back out. It just wasn’t going in. Then I tried to force myself to imagine it going in, but of course that didn’t feel final. The Shaman remarked that the abuser was coming back and not giving up. The Shaman mentioned something about an entity. I asked if my abuser was an entity or had an entity attached to them. (I don’t know if I believe in that sort of thing, but I am curious about it.) She said she couldn’t know that unless she had my abuser’s permission to figure that out, but that it was possible. The vision the Shaman saw of my abuser was frightening. All I could see was darkness. The Shaman saw a haggard dark wretched being and seemed very unsettled by what she was seeing.

The Shaman told me to tell my abuser what I wanted to say. It was time to confront them and set my intention in a soul-to-soul conversation. In my mind, I said, “We are done! Over! Never again will you hurt me! Not in this life or any future lives. Our connection ends now. I know you’ve tormented me in past lives too and you made sure you’d torment me in this one, but it’s done now. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! You’re never to have contact with me again. Go to your own corner of the universe and don’t you dare cross paths with me again. You’re not allowed to harm anyone else either, not in this life or any future lives.” Never have I spoken my truth so intentionally and so rawly.

Then, like a horror movie villain, my abuser came back once again unwilling to detach. I saw myself pick the abuser up, raised them above my head, and body slam them into the place I chose, like a Pro-Wrestler. The Shaman laughed out loud and said “You threw them”. We both laughed together. I felt like Buffy the Vampire Slayer vanquishing a demon. It was over. Cleared. My headache was gone, and was replaced with a fresh feeling of being free and empowered.

The next day, and ever since, I don’t feel any anger toward my abuser anymore. Memories have surfaced and I feel no emotion about them, in any direction. It’s more like seeing clips from an old TV show. I feel so peaceful and free from all of it. The day after I kept getting occasional whiffs of Palo Santo and White Sage, even though I showered immediately after the ceremony and washed the clothes I was wearing. I think it was the Universe confirming that my feelings of being at peace and free were true. And maybe even celebrating with me.


Have you had an Energetic Cord Release Healing? Are you thinking of having one? Please leave a message below, or feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram. Also, be sure to subscribe, as I’ll be sharing my experience with having a Pellowah Healing Session next.



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