This past weekend I had a Pellowah healing. “Pellowah” is an Angelic word for “radical shift in consciousness” and works on the meridians of your body. It was developed in Australia during the early 2000’s.  (Here’s a link to the Pellowah Centre in Melbourne.) Most Pellowah Healers are in Australia, but there are some Pellowah Healers spread out all over the world, as it is growing in popularity. The great thing is that Pellowah can be done remotely, so if you can’t find someone in your area, you have options.

I wanted to get Pellowah as I’m experiencing the great shift and going through another spiritual awakening, like so many of us are. It felt like just what I needed to meet the Universe part way. I thought I would share my experience to help you decide if Pellowah is right for you. Keep in mind that Pellowah is very personal and everyone has a different experience.


The Pellowah Healer explained before the healing began she is merely a vessel for the energy to move through and that I could speak to her afterward about my experience, but that she couldn’t talk to me about it. She could only listen. She explained that because it’s so personal anything I experienced could only be deciphered by me. I joked that I guess I shouldn’t google the meaning of any imagery then, and with a stoic serious face she said, “No. Only you know what it means.”

She also told me that we couldn’t speak during the Pellowah healing. If either of us spoke, the healing would have to start all over again from the beginning. She shared that it usually takes about an hour to complete and that she would gently touch my shoulder when it was over to signal that it was time.

I laid down and she offered me a cloth to cover my eyes to block out the light, which I appreciated. She asked me if I was ready to receive Pellowah. I said yes and remained quiet until she touched my shoulder about an hour later. I fell asleep several times but quickly forced myself to wake up as I heard my breath change. I found out after that falling asleep is fine and doesn’t affect the process. I didn’t feel anything physical during the healing. Like with Reiki, Pellowah doesn’t involve touch. The healer floats their hands above your body instead.


At first I saw white light, like droplets of rain. Then I saw longer streaks of white light. Throughout the Pellowah healing, I saw a green mystical round light with vapors of lighter green light coming off of it. Inside were numbers and letters in a jumble. They weren’t in any order and seemed ancient, or maybe a code, or scientific. I didn’t recognize the font even though it seemed familiar. Each time I tried to concentrate on them they would shift like a kaleidoscope before I could read them.

I also saw a lot of cartoon-like scenes and images. They were small and I kept trying to push them away because they felt annoying. In the beginning I felt scared a few times, which I judged myself for and kept reminding myself that I was safe and could relax.

I saw a lot of light swaying around as I do when meditating. At the very end, I felt as though I was swaying or floating like a gentle wave rolling in and out from the beach. I loved this feeling and tried to hold on to it.


When the Healer touched my arm at the end, I loudly said “Is it over?” She said, “gentle. gentle.” I pulled the cloth from my eyes and was shocked by the intensity of the light. She told me to take my time and that there was no rush. I laid for a while slowly lifting the cloth a little at a time until my eyes adjusted. She told me that my senses were heightened and to take care. She also recommended drinking a lot of water to help the Pellowah and shared that it would continue for 24 hours.

Pellowah is such a unique type of healing because once you’ve received the energy it continues to increase within you as time passes, which I find fascinating.

Two days after the healing, I began to notice a change within me. A deepened commitment to my spirituality and an infusion of enthusiasm to make it my focus. I also figured out that the numbers and letters I saw in a jumble of green light was actually Rune Stones over my Heart Chakra. So I’m going to explore that. I already read Oracle Cards and use Crystals, but have never tried Rune Stones. I was Wiccan in my late-teens/early 20’s but never thought to try them. So I’m excited to include them in my practice. I’ve also been getting signs to learn about sacred geometry and crystal gridding, as well as it being time to buy a new Oracle Card deck. I found the one I’m supposed to get, but it won’t be available for purchase until Fall.

Since seeing close-ups of mandalas during meditation, my Pellowah healing has revealed to me that I was actually seeing close-ups of the Flower of Life. I’ve since learned that Sacred Geometry exists, and that Crystal Gridding is a thing. I’ve been so drawn to the Flower of Life this past week. It feels so familiar yet not.

Tonight I was getting ready for bed and walked past my towels in the bathroom. I stopped hard and was astonished to notice that my towels have the design of the flower of life all over them. I’ve had those towels for three years. I’ve been holding off on replacing them until we move to our new house. All this time a sacred geometry has been right in front of me. I wonder why I chose it. It is an unusual design choice for me. Weirder still, when I went for Pellowah healing, I took a towel with me. I literally had a teal Flower of Life under my Root Chakra the whole time. That must mean something.

I learned today that people doing Crystal Grids put different colors and Sacred Geometry under the grids for different meanings.

“[The Root Chakra] is the place where the soul manifests itself as a human. By embracing our humanness, we begin the journey of reconnection where the self and the soul become one. To live in harmony with ourselves is to live in harmony with the earth and to honor all of its resources.” –

“The Flower of Life pattern has been found throughout the world as a symbol of cosmic order. It represents inner alchemy…” –

What did I activate?

During the healing, the spirits present revealed that I should study to become a Reiki Master, and use it to deepen my Animal Communication. It has been an amazing launch of activation and ideas. I recommend it to anyone feeling drawn to it.


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