Cats are enchanted creatures with magical powers. Domestic cats and Big cats aren’t much different from one another. They each have a level of awareness that no human has ever come close to.

Like an ancient Oracle, cats spend most of their days seated in meditation. Cats are so hyper sensitive and tuned in to the 5D world, that even when sleeping a cat is always aware and able to detect the slightest change to their environment. They can immediately awaken and are ready to fight or flight. Cats are disciplined masters of routine and self-care.

Cats have physical abilities ninjas dream of. Ever see a cat jumping and he realizes that he isn’t going to hit his mark, or there is suddenly an obstruction in his path? The cat will actually kick off of the air to further their flight. It’s a mesmerizing talent to witness.

Since cat’s are super athletic yogis, ninjas, parkour experts, climbers, jumpers, and master hunters, their bodies take a beating from these activities, even if they just have a case of the zoomies. So they ingeniously heal their bodies by purring. And they can help you heal with their purr as well. Many nursing homes have kitty residents to help the patients with healing. The frequency at which bone heals, is the same frequency of a cat’s purr.

Unlike dogs, cats weren’t domesticated by humans. It’s widely understood by zoologists and anthropologists that cats selected us and chose to live amongst us. Cats decided to share their many talents and skills with us, in exchange for us sharing our life luxuries with them. (Here’s a cool YouTube video that talks more about that.) Even today cats living in feral colonies can care for themselves, apart from medical care, because they still possess their connection to the wild world.

Cats feel energy and emit a high vibration.

Cats see the unseen world and they are, typically cool with it. They also mirror our stress and health conditions in their own bodies. This goes along with their natural abilities to feel and sense energies.

When a cat senses a spirit or negative energy, they investigate and observe. (I always joke that my cats go full CSI-Investigation-Mode when there is an unfamiliar noise or something new in their environment.) Cats can cleanse a space using their energy, much like their ability to exterminate a home from small creatures. It’s no accident that spiritual peoples, throughout history, have had a deep affection for kitties. The Egyptians worshipped them the way the internet does today. And the Vikings loved orange cats so much that they took them on their ships and populated the world with orange kitties. (I have an orange kitty and he kitty eye-smiles when I tell him about this. Especially since I’m a redhead, and all redheads are descendants of the Vikings. So I like to tell him that we’re Vikings together.)

Cats feel energy and emit a high vibration. Their aura is massive. It includes them, their territory (home), and the whole family. They are generous with their energy and when they rub against you, that’s them sharing it with you — Much like an energy healer.

My most intense meditations have been with my cats.

Anyway…So if you have a cat, next time you meditate, consider cuddling up with your kitty. Some of my best and most intense meditations have occurred while one of my cats was laying on me.

Since cats are already lying around meditating, and are so connected to both the spiritual world and the natural world, they willingly act as a tandem for the people they love. Your cat wants you to be your best version and wants you to develop spiritually. The more awake you are, the more compassionate you become, therefore the kinder and more altruistic you will be.

Meditating is such a natural part of a cat’s day that they are masters at it. By meditating with them, they’re high vibrational astral/auric field uplifts our own. Some of my most vivid and memorable meditations have occurred while snuggling with my kitties.


Have you tried meditating with your cats? Are you planning to? Let me know how it goes in the comments below. Be sure to Subscribe and follow me on Instagram too.


My kitties, whom I love meditating with.

My kitties, whom I love meditating with.



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